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Autumn Update 2023.

Dear supporter,

I am writing on behalf of all in Jengana to thank you for your continued support. Without it we would be unable to make such a difference in so many lives.

We are continuing to work in connection with Nairobi Baptist Church which has several smaller churches both in Kibera slum and other very poor areas of Nairobi and nearby. Through these links and with the money you send us, we are able to continue to pay school fees for some of the most needy children in their area, giving them an opportunity to progress through secondary school and possibly on to college or get a job.

In the summer we were able to resume our annual team visits – it is always a very humbling experience to walk through the slums and experience for ourselves the conditions these young people are living in.

We are in regular contact with our church links and those in charge of organising schools for these children  – sometimes they go to a local primary or secondary school but in many cases they go to boarding school (they are much more common than here.)  It is a great opportunity for them and it has been wonderful to see some of them being ‘kitted out’ to go off to school, with most of their belongings being bought by Jengana with your money. Mercy and Yvonne, mentioned in the attached report, are two young people who were brought from the slum, finished primary education in boarding school, went on to secondary school and are now at college.

The report will give you a general update on our work there but if you would like some more information or if you would like us to come and talk about it, please just get in touch.

Thank you again.

Hazel (Darragh).           jengana autumn update 23