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Africa Mercy arrives in Senegal.

Africa Mercy arrives in port of Dakar.

Crew members wave flags and colours from around the world as the Africa Mercy arrives into the Port of Dakar.

The Africa Mercy looked like a rainbow as it entered the port of Dakar, as hundreds of Mercy Ships volunteers lined the hospital ship waving flags and colours from around the world.

But on this day, the green, yellow and red flag of Senegal stood tall as the world’s largest charity hospital ship arrived in Dakar, which will serve as its home for the next 10 (ten) months. During that time, volunteers will provide free, life-changing medical care to people in need.

The festivities featured a plethora of flags, dance performances, a tour of the ship with First Lady Marieke Faye Sall, and remarks from Senegal’s Minister of Health and Social Action, Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, who warmly welcomed Mercy Ships to Dakar.

The Minister said, “This is an opportunity for me to thank all the stakeholders who, in their respective fields, are working tirelessly for the success of this operation.”

Crew members of the Africa Mercy up on Deck with flags as the ship pulls in.
Local group Ndaw Rabine performance at the arrival Ceremony.
Jack Dunne and Caleb Biney, Seniors in the Academy, carry the Mercy Ships and Senegal flag down the gangway during the Arrival Ceremony.

This field service marks the first visit of Africa Mercy to Senegal and the second time overall that Mercy Ships has served in Dakar. Beginning next month, our incredible volunteers will perform as many as 1,700 free surgeries on the ship, including

  • Tumour removal
  • Cleft lip and palate repair
  • Cataract removal
  • Obstetric fistula repair
  • Dental care, and
  • Orthopaedic help for clubfoot and bowed legs.

Although our ship has arrived, there’s plenty of help needed. You can still make a difference by helping to provide critically needed supplies for this field service in Senegal – Help stock the ship by the end of August.