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Harvest Offering – 14 October 2018.

Our Harvest this year is “The Harvest of the Sea.”

However, as we have seen in the recent Tsunami, the sea has the power to destroy. God has provided for us during the year. We want to bless others.

We can do this :-

  • Through our regular foodbank offerings in the shopping trolly;
  • In out 1% offering envelopes for long-term development projects..WDR’s focus is long-term development through its partners. It is to this that MCI calls its members to give regularly. On occasion, it is also appropriate to respond to emergency situations and this is one of those occasions. Unfortunately, it is just not possible to repond to every occasion (there were 13 major emergencies in 2017). Donations for emergencies should be seen as being on top of annual giving for tthe long-term work. 1% giving cannot be designated for emergencies.
  • The loose money (not in an envelope) will be forwarded to our World Development & Relief fund for the INDONESIA EMERGENCY RELIEF. This money will be channelled through our sister agency “All We Can”, who are responding locally through a local partner already on the ground.

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