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Regent Street Methodist Church – Website.

The summer break may be a good time to consider whether revisions, additions or amendments are required for existing information on the Church website, when many organisations do not meet and before they start up again in September.

Some regular contributors include:-

Girls’ Brigade; Boys’ Brigade; The Ark; Element; Luncheon Club; Women Together; Art Club; Craft Class; M.W.I.; Badminton Club; Friendship Group; Bowling Club and the Time of Prayer Group.

Please have a look at existing text on the website (www.regentstreetmethodist.org) and let John Steen know if you wish to edit the text or if you wish to include new information; or contact info@regentstreetmethodist.org with your text.

The website can only be as good as the information it contains and your help is needed to keep it accurate, relevant and up-to-date.

Thank you,

John Steen.

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