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Message from Julie-Ann Hall, RNID Near You Co-ordinator.

Hi there!

I’d like to introduce myself as your local RNID Near You Co-ordinator.

I organise and co-ordinate free walk-in hearing aid support sessions for NHS hearing aid users across the South Eastern Trust; in case you are not aware of what all is involved, we provide a free walk-in session where NHS hearing aid users can get their hearing aids cleaned and re-tubed, as well as get free batteries and advice on how to get the most out of their hearing aids. We also provide information for those who do not have a hearing aid and would like to know how to go about getting one.

Our sessions in Newtownards run monthly and are in Regent Street Presbyterian Church which is a great central location: I’ve enclosed a poster which I would really appreciate if you could share with members of your church.

Julie-Ann Hall – RNID Near You Co Ordinator – SEHSCT

Best way to contact me: Phone/Email/MS Teams

Phone: 020 3227607 / 07342994453

Email: julie-ann.hall@rnid.org.uk

Click on this link below:-

Newtownards Sessions 2024

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