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Covid-19 Appeal from Jengana. (2/4/2020).

Hello from all of us in Jengana,

We hope everyone is well and coming to terms with these strange times we’re living in. We’re aware that many people are struggling financially or will do in the coming months so we don’t want to sound insensitive or to put pressure on anyone.

We just wanted to remind you all of projects like Jengana that need to continue at this time despite cancelled fundraisers and increased costs.

We have 17 little ones at Kipepeo, most of whom are now school age. They are, like our kids, at home due to Corona virus. More food needs to be cooked and our staff are needing to buy food wherever they can rather than wherever is cheapest.

Even more than this, we are worried for our sponsor kids who were in boarding school, who have been rescued from Kibera and Mukuru slum, often to avoid early pregnancy, a life of crime or worse. They will now have to fend for themselves and their family at home in the slums…no sanitation, less food, extreme poverty. How can a young person study with no electricity and a lack of food?

As Jengana, we would love to be able to respond to each one of these young people. We would love to help their families or provide a temporary home for them at the Jengana centre but the truth is…we cant afford to. We don’t often ask, but these are unique times.

If you could afford to send us a one off donation of £5 or £10 (or more if you can!) it will help us to maintain the work already underway, as well as slowly being able to respond to some of the needs all around us. Also, if you could spare a monthly sum that we could depend on, that would be such an encouragement. If you are already donating monthly, or you’ve already responded to our Facebook post, we’d like to say a big thank you and assure you that your support is very much appreciated.

We are thankful, amidst all this change and uncertainty that we have a place to call home and food in the cupboard.

Thank you for reading!

God bless


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