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Ards Churches Together – Statement

The Statement that follows was issued from

Ards Churches Together on Tuesday 30th October 2018.

Newtownards is known as a kind, friendly and helpful community, so we were appalled to see symbols of hate appear on our streets this last weekend. The choices of those individuals to wear KKK robes have hurt the whole community and made people feel unsafe in their own homes.

To those who feel intimidated or unwelcome as a result of those actions we say: “You have our support. We stand with you.”

We encourage those involved to take responsibility for their actions and to come forward to the police. We also encourage them to talk to their local churches confidentially, if they would like to find a way to leave hate and hurt behind.

As Ards Churches Together we say that hate has no place in our town.

(Ards Churches Together is a collective of leaders from Anglican, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, non-denominational and other backgrounds.)

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