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Asia Bibi – Free at Last.


The Supreme Court in Pakistan has upheld its decision to acquit Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who has spent the last eight years on death row after being accused of blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. She was found not guilty of blasphemy in October 2018, but a challenge was launched by religious hardliners who held violent protests. Praise God, the hardliners have lost their appeal and Asia is finally free!
Christians in Pakistan are overjoyed with the decision. “We have been praying for over ten years,” an Open Doors partner said. “And finally it’s a 100 per cent certain that she will be free. We thank everybody who has stood with us in prayer for all these years. The Supreme Court’s brave verdict and decision to stick with the acquittal means that it is still possible for a Christian to receive justice in Pakistan. Even though it took a very long time, there is hope.”
At the moment, Asia is still under protective custody at an undisclosed location. “Asia and her family’s safety remains of paramount importance,” said Zoe Smith, Head of Advocacy at Open Doors. “Many Christians will still be praying for their safety.”
Pakistan is currently number 5 on the Open Doors World Watch List.
• Praise God that Asia Bibi is free at last!
• For protection for Asia and her family as they seek to leave Pakistan and start a new life somewhere else
• That God will protect all Christians and churches in Pakistan, and that there would be no violent backlash to this court decision.
Islam is an important part of Somali identity, and for a Somali person to decide to leave Islam and follow Jesus is seen as a huge betrayal. The militant Islamist group al-Shabaab, which operates in the Horn of Africa, has stated publically that it ‘wants Somalia free of all Christians’ – and so most Somali Christians keep their faith completely secret. But despite the risks, Somali people are coming to faith in Jesus – some in miraculous ways.
Lord Jesus, thank You that You are still bringing Somali people to know Your love. May You protect all those who must keep their faith in You a secret, and may You turn the hearts of al-Shabaab militants to Yourself. Help Somali Christians to keep following You, and help them to be a light to others.
With many thanks for your prayers,

Henrietta Blyth
CEO, Open Doors UK & Ireland