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Jengana end of year report

Jengana end of year report – December 2016 

As we reflect on the past year with Jengana we are thankful for so many blessings. It has been a year with difficult times but also great progress.

The year started with the arrival of little Mohammed into the Kipepeo family. He was malnourished, weak and in much need of love and attention. We are thrilled that he has progressed so much in a year and is now safe and loved. The brothers that we rescued, David and Lewis were transferred to a children’s home where they could be reunited with their mother after some rehabilitation.

January also saw the start of the advertising for our first Gala Dinner which was held in the Ramada Hotel at Shaw’s Bridge. It was on the 16th April 2016 and we were delighted with both the attendance and the generosity on the night. 330 people enjoyed a fun night and we raised £10,000 which has been a huge help in the building at Kipepeo.

Fransuer and Rachel travelled to Kenya in February for a busy time of organising and trying to push forward with the building of the new Kipepeo as well as with our Kipepeo registration. It was a successful time when we had the opportunity to visit our sponsor children in their schools. It was so evident to us that God wanted us both to be in Kenya at that time and we achieved more than expected.
One of the positive things to come out of this trip was that we met Mandela, our new watchman/caretaker. He was recommended by a Jengana volunteer and had come to Nairobi from his village seeking work. Mandela has worked so hard since he started and he was delighted to welcome his wife to work alongside the ladies at Kipepeo after a few months working with us.

Two siblings, Moses and Rachel were brought to us at Kipepeo in April from another children’s home that was being closed down. They had not been well looked after and quickly the ladies noted lots of deep blister like marks on Moses’ legs. To their shock we discovered the marks were rat bites. The ladies brought Moses for treatment and dressings and we are now delighted that the wounds have healed and Moses is happy and healthy. It is devastating to think of little children existing in homes like these however it is such a privilege for us at Jengana to be able to provide them with a safe and loving home.

July 2016 was the month of teams for Jengana. Our youth, and then adult teams came out to Kenya back to back and we were delighted to achieve so much. Firstly, 21 teenagers came out on our youth team to Nairobi. They worked hard: building a home for a widow and her kids, feeding street kids, visiting slum based families with food packages, painting a Kibera school and much more. It was a trip which certainly impacted those we worked with in Kenya but probably to an even greater extent impacted these young people to think outside of their upbringing and comfort zone. The adult team arrived in Kenya on the evening that the youth team left and they picked up where the young people had left off. They worked on similar projects whilst focusing on bringing hope to slum homes with encouragement. The teams also get an opportunity to visit many of our sponsored children and this is a real blessing to see the children making progress at school whether still in the slums or having been taken to boarding school.
A special thank you is needed for those of you who attended some of the many fundraisers organised by our team members, who worked hard to raise funds before and since their trip.

Whilst Kipepeo has had a busy year, rescuing several babies and toddlers, we have now reached our capacity in the rented property. We have been focusing on the building of our own Kipepeo Home on the Jengana land. This became an even greater, pressing need in October when we had a fire in the babies’ home. It was so sad for us at Jengana, to lose sentimental furniture and belongings but most of all we were incredibly thankful to God for protecting all our children and workers. Everyone made it out safely and our older children were all at nursery school so didn’t see the effects of the fire. Fransuer then travelled to Kenya shortly afterwards to ensure all issues were dealt with and that all kids and staff were settled into their new home. A new rented property was sourced very quickly and is serving its purpose until our building is completed. Please pray with us that the home will be built by Spring 2017. We are keen to be in the position to open our doors to more needy and vulnerable babies.
Just last week we were delighted to receive a grant for £10,000 towards our solar water pump for the borehole at the Jengana site. This has come at the right time as we will now be able to have clean, reliable supply of running water for the new Kipepeo home and for the local community.

We at Jengana could not undertake any of this work without our supporters so we sincerely thank you all for your prayers, encouragement and financial help. We are anticipating 2017 to be a big year for Jengana so we ask you to keep praying for the work

Wishing you God’s blessing on the year ahead.

From all in Jengana