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Jengana Land – Kamangu


  • We have a vision of a Jengana Centre where people who come from a background of extreme poverty can have a chance of a new start with the same opportunities as others.

We are now blessed to have 6 acres of scenic land in Kamangu, about 45 minutes from Nairobi city where we have built ‘Kipepeo’, our home for orphaned/abandoned babies and children where they can be loved and brought up with hope and a future. Kipepeo means butterfly in Swahili, with the analogy being of an unattractive, insignificant caterpillar which following its time inside the shelter and nurture of the chrysalis emerges as a beautiful, independent butterfly. We continue to fundraise for the upkeep of our home and to make the next part of our journey a reality.

Guest accommodation would be in our hopes for the near future so that teams can stay and work on site as well as hiring out rooms to local holidaymakers.

We are working by faith and on a step-by-step basis but in the future we also plan to have:   a primary school, support projects for street kids and advice/support for local self sustaining farming/businesses.

None of this vision will come to fruition without God’s provision first and foremost and secondly without generous financial support.

Please pray with us and consider donating an amount (no matter how small) towards God’s work in Kenya.

Jengana is a charity registered in Northern Ireland and in Kenya. (XT10242 and NIC100330)

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