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End-of-Year Report – 2017

As we approach the end of 2017 we want to thank all of you who have supported us over the year – both in prayer and financially. We appreciate this support so much, whether it is from a fundraiser, a one-off donation or a regular monthly payment.


At the end of July we were finally able to move the Kipepeo family, 9 kids and 2 house mothers into their new home on the Jengana Land. This was such a momentous day as Kipepeo had opened its doors back in March 2015 in rented accommodation with the hope and prayer being that one day we would be able to have the home built on the Jengana site, rent free, with space and freedom for our kids who have already had such a difficult start in life. It will also allow Kipepeo to be more self sufficient by growing our own vegetables, haveing hens for eggs, milk from our own cow and much more. We would ask that you pray that our registration can be completed as soon as possible, as without this we cannot adopt our children out into families.

Little Wanita arrived as a rescue case in November after being removed from her foster mother with allegations of neglect and with severe burns on her lips. She had to be admitted to hospital very soon after she arrived at Kipepeo and has now been discharged to a children’s home that has nursing staff. Please pray for her, that she’ll recover physically and emotionally and that she’ll be able to return home to Kipepeo very soon. Please also pray that justice will be done as the court case against her foster mother is ongoing.

As Kipepeo has grown and developed we had recently been feeling the increasing need for a managerial figure or someone who could oversee the setting up of the new home and manage the growing staff team on the Jengana land. We were delighted to find Marcy, a Kenyan lady who has experience in our area of ministry and has a heart for serving. Please join us in praying for Marcy as she settles into her role and for us at Jengana as we seek to guide her in her role.


Back in July 2016, whilst working with some volunteers in Kibera slum, we were struck by the volume of teenage school leavers who had finished secondary school with good results but were unable to accept a place in university due to lack of funds. After much discussion we decided that we should do what we could to help some of these young people achieve their potential rather than become young single mothers or end up in crime, as many do, due to extreme poverty. This year, thanks to a very generous donor we were able to start partnering with a friend and Pastor in Kibera slum, Pastor Evans, to support and mentor some of these young school leavers and to work together with their families to source a college or university place. This is a relatively new project but we are delighted that we already have a small number of young people enrolled in university and some regular givers are now signed up to support this project, called Badili.

December camps

This month, Jengana sponsored 30 young people from poverty stricken homes, to a week-long residential camp run by Word of Life. These camps are fun filled weeks with the primary focus being to introduce the campers to Christ and to help them grow in their faith. It was exciting to hear that 12 of these young people made a commitment to Christ during their week. Many others made a re-commitment. It is a privilege to play a part in the development of these young people’s spiritual lives.

Glenabbey support

2017 saw Jengana becoming a partner of Glenabbey Church. This was exciting development for us and we have appreciated their support and interest to date. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Jengana support group

We are very grateful to Darren Anderson who pushed ahead to get this support group up and running. It is held in Glenabbey Church but is open to anyone who is interested in our work and would be willing to pray regularly and possibly help practically. It is usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates.

Next Year ….

Moving into 2018 we are planning the 2nd Jengana Gala dinner for Saturday 3rd March. We would love to see many of our supporters and their friends and families there. Tickets are £45 and can be purchased by emailing info@jengana.com.

There are 2 youth teams planning to go to Kenya with Jengana in July 2018. Please pray for them and for us as we prepare for their itinerary and to make the best use of their time in Kenya.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your support and interest throughout 2017. We hope that Christmas is a special one where you truly remember Emmanuel – God with us.

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