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Maizah’s story from Libya

Jesus appeared to Maizah in an amazing vision!


Maizah* is a courageous Christian from Libya, whose search for God began when she was very young.

Throughout her teenage years she attended two mosques and studied the Quran. When the leaders of the mosque asked her to start covering her body more, she left the mosque and gave up on religion all together.

But God had not given up on Maizah. Years later, when she was alone in her room, she felt someone touch her feet. “The room had been dark, but all of a sudden there was a man shining like light,” she says. “He didn’t look unreal, but I felt I couldn’t touch him. He kept standing next to me. I felt happiness in my heart just because of his presence. ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,’ he said. Then he was gone.”

Maizah and her family fled to Egypt, where she met a Christian woman who told her about Jesus and helped her to grow in her faith. “The woman blessed me and said, ‘You will be a candle for Libya; shine for the people of Libya.’”

Maizah returned to Libya and met with other Christians in secret. Eventually, she was discovered; she was beaten and threatened with an arranged marriage. Thankfully she managed to escape and now lives in a different country, where she still serves Jesus.

Watch a retelling of Maizah’s story in this beautiful animation. 


  • That in her new country Maizah will be able to connect with a church, recover from her traumatic experiences and continue to shine as an example to others
  • For Christian women in the Middle East and North Africa who are persecuted for their faith and gender – pray that God will protect them and help them to flourish
  • For God’s protection for the very few Christians who live in Libya – please pray that their faith would continue to grow despite the pressures they face.

*Name has been changed for security reasons


Christians in Laos must take extreme caution to stay on the good side of the Communist authorities, as Christianity is seen as a western ideology, and therefore hostile. House churches are considered ‘illegal gatherings’ and must operate in secret. Believers from Buddhist backgrounds bear the brunt of persecution as they are considered to have betrayed their Buddhist-animist community. They are frequently put under pressure by their own extended families.

Through local church partners, Open Doors strengthens persecuted believers in Laos by providing Christian materials, leadership training, discipleship programmes, advocacy, relief and practical aid.


Lord Jesus, please fill Your people in Laos with courage as they try to live lives pleasing to You. Protect those who meet in house churches and help believers to find safe places for times of fellowship and mutual encouragement in their faith. Soften the hearts of those in authority, that they would allow for more freedom of religion and belief in Laos.

With many thanks for your prayers,

Henrietta Blyth
CEO, Open Doors UK & Ireland