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Pray Hope – 20 Day Prayer Guide.

Hi everyone sorry if it feels like I am constantly sending out material at the moment but given the time it is I thought that many of you would like to know that there is another call to prayer that runs to Good Friday (that’s 20 days from yesterday). I am attaching a link to a short video that explains it and the guidelines sheet that gives bible passages and prayer points for the 20 day journey.

Do feel free to pass this material on if you wish to and as always if you are aware of any prayer requests pass them on to either Margaret Cairns 07972221775 or myself 07587305240.

If you become aware of someone needing some practical help in some way… shopping etc the pass that on to either myself or to Laura Ewing 07803127403

The video link is below…..   and thank you all so much ,   Colin


Click on the link to see theposter-

Pray Hope – 20 Day Prayer Guide.pdf