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Update – Autumn 2018

jengana 2018 autumn update

Further update:-

Good News and some not so Good News.

The Kipepeo family now has 13 children and they and their house mothers attend church every Sunday. it has been so exciting for them to be picked up and brought to church where they can socialise like a normal family and, more importantly, hear about God. We were delighted to hear that Pastor Evans, with whom we work in Kibera, is planting a church only 20 minutes from Jengana land.

Please pray for the children as they learn English, meet new people and experience life outside Kipepeo. Pray also for their hearts that they may come to know Jesus.

A few weeks ago we learned that while the children and the house mothers were at Church there was a break-in at the children’s home. The perpetrators managed to enter the site from a neighbouring property and it was not a “forced entry”. Police are investigating so we do not wish to speculate about the identity of the culprits. A TV, some tools, cash and some personal belongings of staff members was taken, but to add to that injury the culprits locked all of the internal bedroom doors (taking the keys with them) before leaving. Jengana has had to replace locks and some doors as a consequence.

We are doing all we can to try and prevent something like this happening again. Please pray with us as the kids and house mothers are understandably shaken. We would also like the culprits to be brought to justice but we know that that may not happen.

The Jengana Association and staff at Kipepeo appreciate all your prayers and good wishes and your continuing financial support. Without your support none of this work would be possible.