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Christian Aid Magazine

Lisa Fagan, editor of Christian Aid magazine has kindly permitted Regent Street Methodist Church to include a link to their on-line magazine to allow us to follow their work in the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide. Lisa is delighted that we wish to share the magazine and includes the following

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Website Updates.

Changes to the presentation of Regent Street Methodist Church website were necessary to allow you to have easier access to the growing number of posts being made to the site over the course of a week. “Video” on the Main Menu has been replaced with a “Media” tab. Selecting the

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Church Finance.

                                                   As many have already commented these are unprecedented times, never before have all our Church doors been closed in the way they are now. However

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  Notice – a new App has been released and recommended by our Church office. Its called HERE 2 HELP and it can be downloaded from the app store or google play. The App just gives easy LINKS to websites of different services that are available to help people in

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